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Divert these cups from landfill by recycling or composting at selected facilities


Contrary to recent media assumptions – all types of paper cup (bioplastic and regular plastic lined) are being recycled by forty councils across Australia. Bioplastic is a non-toxic, plant-based material that easily dissolves during the paper re-pulping process.


Brown Brew cups are certified commercially compostable, offering an opportunity to divert organic waste from landfill. 10 major composters accept compostable packaging from many councils, events and businesses across the country. To find a local council or commercial compost facility please visit

Understanding landfills

Landfills are not designed to promote the biodegradation of waste, nor is it sustainable or beneficial to bury valuable resources in the ground. Organic waste still decomposes in a landfill, albeit slowly due to the sealed, oxygen-free environment. This process of decomposition causes the bacteria in the waste to produce methane gas, which is a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. A staggering and unsustainable 8 million tons of organic waste is sent to landfill in Australia and New Zealand. Choosing compostable packaging is one step closer to achieving a sustainable circular economy where resources are preserved and recycled.