Responsibly and
ethically sourced paper


Well-managed forests provide clean air and water, maintain soil quality, preserve biodiversity and habitats, and sequester CO2, among many other ecosystem services. We are committed to only using certified raw materials from responsible sources with either SFI, PEFC or Forest Stewardship Council© (FSC©) certification, ensuring that all our paper cups are manufactured from materials sourced from sustainably-managed forests. In compliance with Government mandated Illegal Logging Laws.


Bioplastic lined Cups are compostable in a commercial facility in 120 days. The paper cups can also be recycled. Paper cups are currently accepted at over 40 local councils across Australia.



PLA bioplastic is completely stable in landfill – unfortunately, landfill is still the fate for most of today’s plastics. When thinking about environmental impact, it’s important to recognise that the true eco-advantage starts at the beginning. By design, producing Ingeo™ PLA results in 75% less greenhouse gases compared to oil-based plastic.

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Bioplastic foodservice packaging is compostable. Composting enhances soils, prevents erosion and reduces water usage. A growing number of commercial composters are currently accepting and composting Brown Brew cups.